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About  Us

Hamilton Hudson was the first company in the Czech Republic to provide Foreigners’ Comprehensive Health Insurance, Travel Medical Insurance and Basic urgent and necessary care, in English, Czech and several other languages since we arrived in 2001.

Since then, Hamilton Hudson has successfully insured over 10,000 foreign students from over 100 countries, enrolled at over 80 University Faculties since 2001 by their Czech Visas approved quickly
We were licensed and established in New York in 1989 to provide life, accident and health insurance to groups, families and individuals.
In 2005, we received our license from the Czech Ministry of Finance and later, the ČNB or Czech National Bank to import our American resources, expertise, technology and insurance industry partners for the benefit of the Czech Republic and its healthcare sector.
We then set out to build a close partnership with the largest state owned, Czech insurance company, Pojištovna VZP, a.s. and launch  the Czech Republic’s first health insurance website for foreigners and the first local provider network or HMO of English speaking Doctors and Clinics.

With the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union Schengen Zone, we set out to meet the needs of students from abroad for a faster, online fulfilment of all necessary documents including “proof of travel medical insurance” that is required at all Czech embassies worldwide.

Our professional staff is fully licensed by the Czech National Bank and stands ready to assist Czech university admissions offices, the Czech Ministry of Interior and the consular staff at Embassies of the Czech Republic worldwide to ensure that our clients’ visa and residency requirements are satisfied in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.
Hamilton Hudson also provides superior Travel Medical Insurance to Czechs and foreigners traveling to, or residing in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America and appreciate our U.S. based customer service that communicates with local providers and hospitals in English and Spanish to obtain the best available healthcare for our clients in need.
Hamilton Hudson is constantly monitoring Czech and EU immigration regulations and pricing the insurance market to provide our clients with accurate information and discounts.


We suggest you contact us for the latest updates and cost saving recommendations before purchasing. Clients can reach us by email, telephone and on WhatsApp from 9am to 10pm, 7 days a week including holidays.

Ministry of health of the czech republic
Ministry of finances of czech republic
Ministry of interior of the czech republic
Czech National bank
Department of financial services, New York
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